Value-Added Service

We function on two levels: Business to Business and Business to Consumer. Our corporate clients can choose between two different types of products:

A simple drink that is full of values that keeps us going and strive to be better each brand new day

Although they do not contain caffeine, beverages based on cereals and chicory are considered alternatives to coffee, since roasting and other production processes give them a similar taste and aroma. Our products are free from colouring agents and preservatives.

A cup on every table in every home with Love


We manage brands and make dedicated brands for our customers. In cooperation with our clients, we create product concepts which involve product composition, production technology and form, and assistance with graphic design and packaging.

Raw Materials and Mixes


These are intended for further use in the food industry, e.g. as part of coffee mixes. Soluble barley and chicory may be a part of 3-in-1 coffee or cappuccino mixes. The process of roasting barley and chicory is identical to that of coffee, thus their aroma and colour are similar. The addition of cereal ingredients allows for optimisation of the final product, or other food products.
Our products can be used as half-products intended for further processing in many areas of the food industry, including in baking, sweets production, meat production, and alcohol production.

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